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Carephone 2 - senior mobile phone with inductive charging station

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Danger! Discontinued model - Will be replaced by the 

Senior-Tel 1 Plus item no. ST101-3 and Senior-Tel 1 Plus / GPS Art.No. ST101-4

With the Carephone 2, people in need call at the push of a button.

Improvements to Carephone 1:

1. Automatic call acceptance in hands-free mode 

Practical automatic call acceptance (hands-free mode). After a ring, the caller's voice can be heard in hands-free mode. At the same time you can answer without having to hold the cell phone in your hand. This gives relatives of very old relatives, for example, the security of being able to contact them at any time and in any situation.

2. Easy charging with the inductive charging station:

Simply place the Carephone on the charger supplied and the battery will start charging.


The Carephone 2 enables people with severe disabilities due to age or disability to communicate with relatives or carers at the touch of a button. Store a telephone number on each of the three number keys, which the user can call directly with the push of a button.

Whether the user wants to reach someone quickly in an emergency or simply want to call - the Carephone 2 makes the connection easy.

During the development of the Carephone 2, we attached great importance to the simplest operation, which works without a number pad and menus.

Emergency mobile phone Carephone 2 Suitable for: Elderly, elderly people, children, disabled people, people who need care but are still mobile, vehicle drivers (company mobile phone) Very easy to use:

Each of the 3 direct dialing buttons can be programmed with its own, individual call number. E.g. the phone numbers of relatives, neighbors, the doctor or an emergency service. One press of the corresponding key is enough and the device dials this number automatically. Accept calls: You can be called from all connections (landline and mobile).

Incoming calls are signaled by the flashing green button and a ringtone. Press this key to answer the call. Hands-free function: During the call, the hands-free function (listening out loud) can be activated by pressing the hands-free key.


Key lock: To avoid unwanted calls (e.g. when carrying in your pocket), you can activate the key lock by pressing the key for a longer period of time. This blocking state is indicated by a flashing light emitting diode. Emergency number: The fourth number is the national emergency number (112). To do this, select keys 1, 1 and 2 one after the other within 3 seconds. Initial set-up: For the one-time initial set-up, a SIM card and a standard mobile phone with SMS function are required. Here, the help of relatives or a supervisor is usually required.





With each of the three number buttons, the user calls the stored number and simply presses the respective button. Whether relatives, doctors or caregivers - the user can reach the most important people without detours via menus and numbers.

Clarified call acceptance

Automatic call acceptance in hands-free mode

If the user is not able to take calls independently, activate the automatic call acceptance function before handing over the Carephone 2. The Carephone 2 then automatically accepts incoming calls and at the same time switches to hands-free mode.

Hands-free mode at the push of a button

The integrated hands-free mode can also be switched on by the user during the call at the push of a button.

112 emergency call

By pressing the key sequence 1-1-2, the Carephone 2 dials the emergency number 112. In this way, the user also receives help in an emergency if none of the three numbers can be reached in an emergency.

Other possible uses


Cell phone for children

Please note!

Technical requirements:

You need a simple activated 2G / 3G GSM SIM card for operation. With the Carephone 2 you can only make calls or receive SMS. A SIM card that can transfer data will not work. We recommend a simple prepaid card.


Carephone 2 only works in connection with a GSM 2G / 3G network. The standard format of SIM cards for 2G networks is available from Fonic mobile Prepaid Classic or Clever XS or Clever S.


Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 80g
  • Dimensions: 115 mm x 49 mm x 22 mm (LxWxH)
  • Standby time: up to 250 hours
  • Talk time: up to 2 hours
  • Battery: Li-Ion / 680 mAh
  • GSM classes: dual band / EGSM900 DCS1800
  • silver

Scope of delivery:

-Carephone 2

-Inductive charging station

-Operation manual