Compact series

Mobile GSM alarm systems - special monitoring of vehicles, boats, buildings and objects of all kinds. Developed in cooperation with the police. 

With the very compact and mobile GSM alarm device Compact 4 you can reliably monitor and secure vehicles, boats, rooms, machines and vending machines. As soon as the alarm device registers unusual movements, vibrations or noises, the Compact 4 P + A alerts you to up to six telephone numbers in the form of calls and / or alarm SMS. No matter where you are - you do not lose any time and you can call the police immediately before the thief notices anything.

The Compact 4 P + A has motion, vibration and noise sensors which you can freely combine and adapt the sensitivity especially to the monitoring requirements. You can also connect additional sensors via the external connection and control them remotely via the Compact 4 P + A.

The mobile GSM alarm systems Compact are an all-round device from Mobi-Click and have countless monitoring options that are also used by the police as "thief traps". 


Precise movement, vibration and noise sensors register every movement and vibration. In this way, you are always informed about the status of the monitored object.

Alarm by SMS / phone call

The alarm is triggered either by SMS or phone call. You will be notified immediately and can react without any loss of time.

No installation

No build-in, no complicated installation. Simply point the Compact at the object to be monitored.

Application areas:

secures vehicles 

Secure cars, trucks, mobile homes, caravans, vintage cars and all kinds of vehicles. Locate vehicles yourself after theft.

secures boats / yachts

Secure boats and yachts and reliably protect the outboard motor against theft.

secures buildings

Secure house entrances, windows and rooms. In the event of a break-in, you will receive an instant alarm on your smartphone or mobile phone.

secures retail stores

Protect yourself against break-ins and benefit from our cooperation with the police and security forces.


Protects against break-ins, theft and vandalism



External GPS antenna, remote control and Compact 4P + A (optional accessories)

Configuration via computer

Configuration via smartphone (Android smartphones only)


Proven alarm system

The mobile GSM alarm system Compact 4P + A is used reliably to secure objects of all kinds.
The Compact 4P + A has been adapted and optimized based on the new findings of police work in long cooperation with various state criminal police offices.

Fastest possible alarm

The combination of sensitive motion sensor, shock sensor and noise sensor, together with an immediate alarm notification via cellular network, enables action to be taken without any time delay.
A monitoring period can be specified via an internal programmable timer.

Inconspicuous helper to the police

With its extremely compact size, the Compact 4P + A can be placed inconspicuously and sends an alarm to up to six telephone numbers in the event of movements within a radius of 6 meters, changes in position or noises. In this way it is possible, with the help of the police, to catch the thieves while the crime is still in progress.

Important NOTE:

The instructions for the specific operation should be discussed with the police if possible. This has the most experience and the knowledge for the most promising use of the Compact 4P + A to catch the perpetrators.


The new Compact 4P + A device differs from the current Compact 2P + A in the following points:



  • It has a different housing, is rubberized and has the dimensions 116 mm x 42 mm x 21 mm (L x W x H). This enabled us to use a larger battery of 1100mAh (almost twice the battery capacity).
  • The device-internal PIR sensor is now more anthracite-colored.
  • The previous mechanical shock sensor has been replaced by a 3D acceleration sensor.
  • The GSM antenna installed on the device has been improved. Instead of this antenna, a magnetic base antenna can optionally be connected
  • The new device has a GPS receiver to make a location difficult
    To enable reception conditions. There is an SMA connection
    so that the supplied antenna can be connected with a 3 meter cable.
  • Programming is now carried out via the USB input and PC (computer) or via SMS
  • The software has been improved so that a battery pack, e.g. 10000mAh, can now be connected, see accessories.
  • The device can be activated and deactivated with a remote control, which is included in the delivery. Up to 7 remote controls can be connected or reprogrammed.
  • Of course, an external PIR sensor with a 2 meter cable can also be used as
    before be connected
  • A radio siren, a wire siren, a battery pack, an external PIR sensor or a commander can be connected via the socket.
  • As before, further motion sensors, door and window contacts and sirens can be connected via a commander.
  • The remaining functions were taken over or retained by Compact 2P + A.


GSM antenna, external PIR sensor, radio siren, other remote controls

Battery Pack and Commander

PIR sensor, door and window contact

Other areas of application


Monitoring of machines and vending machines

Monitor construction vehicles, machines, vending machines in a variety of ways. Potential-free (voltage-free) contacts of all kinds can be connected through the external sensor input.

Monitoring of transports and freight

Secure freight shipments. With the Compact 4 P + A you stay informed about the location of your goods and secure them against theft. Thanks to the GPS function, it will be easy to find the transport.

For upgrading alarm systems

Upgrade your alarm system with the Compact 4 P + A. When an alarm is triggered, the Compact 4 immediately sends you an SMS or informs you by phone call. In the event of an emergency, you can act immediately and take further measures to catch the intruder.

Tracking down game and animals

The Compact 4 P + A is also used to track down game and animals in forests and at feeding stations (a dry environment or protection from moisture is a prerequisite).