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Car alarm system A-136 with GPS live location portal

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Alarm system with GPS location and tracking


The A-136 offers more than a normal car alarm system. This smart design gives you access to a GPS portal, where you can call up and track the current GPS position of your vehicle

The A-136 car alarm system reliably protects your vehicle from theft. You will be notified immediately on your cell phone / smartphone and can take immediate action. Thanks to its own SIM card, microphone and loudspeakers, the alarm system can even be used as a real car phone.

No matter what your vehicle or fleet is doing: We provide an overview. Keep an eye on your vehicle or vehicles at all times!

We also offer you a modern GPS tracking system and user-friendly web portal free of charge, in which all functions are self-explanatory.


- Live location in real time
- Complete storage of the distances covered
- Presentation of the relevant vehicle data: location, travel times, lane, speed

Notification by SMS / call

If your vehicle is broken into, you will be alerted immediately by SMS on your mobile phone or smartphone. As soon as the stationary vehicle is jolted unusually or starts moving, it will immediately send you an SMS or call you.


Shock sensors

The A-136 has a GSM module and precise vibration sensors for this purpose. In this way, not a single valuable second is lost between the intrusion and the alarm - regardless of where you are.

Worldwide location - anytime

 The built-in GPS receiver of the A-136 enables your (stolen) vehicle to be located anywhere in the world. You can actively contribute to the location of your vehicle by providing the police with the location data.

Listening function

The A-136 allows you to listen to the passenger compartment live using the microphone supplied. In this way, you can check whether there has been a false alarm or whether the thief has disclosed important information about his evacuation.

Live tracking in the event of theft

Continuous position determination

In the event of your vehicle being stolen, you can have your position data sent to you continuously. The result is a real-time movement profile of the stolen vehicle.

Emergency services

With the help of map and route planner services such as Google Maps or, you can display the positions on your smartphone (or PC) using the coordinates received on the map or have a web link sent.



  • Location determination
  •  Live transmission of an alarm message to up to 3 telephone numbers via SMS
  •  External GPS receiver (wired) with high sensitivity
  •  Shock sensor
  •  Undervoltage monitoring (e.g. alarm)
  •  Monitoring of doors and trunk
  •  Noise sensor interior monitoring
  •  Various settings can be programmed
  •  Easy installation
  •  Standby time between 5-6 days with the internal battery
  •  Vibration sensor (accelerometer) interior monitoring
  •  Noise sensor (triggers an alarm if someone tamperes with the car)
  •  4 status LEDs for GPS, GSM, accelerometer, battery

scope of delivery

  • Car alarm system A-136
  • operation manual


An activated SIM card is required for operation (prepaid / contract).