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SeniorTel emergency call bracelet

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The SeniorTel emergency call bracelet enables people all over Europe to call in emergency situations with the simple push of a button or the Fall detection to call for help immediately. Users can communicate directly with their emergency contacts or, optionally, with a professional 24/7 emergency call center.

No more worries about your loved ones

As a concerned family member, you want to ensure that your loved ones are always safe. Thanks to the innovative functions of the SeniorTel emergency call bracelet, this is now possible. The emergency call system informs you or a professional emergency call center immediately in the event of an emergencyso that you can provide help as quickly as possible.

Our Advanced emergency call system, consisting of a bracelet and an app, ensures your safety in emergencies. By simply pressing the emergency call button on the bracelet or the automatic fall detection, your emergency contacts or the 24/7 emergency call center will be notified immediately. 
The app is the central management tool for the emergency call bracelet. Set your personal alarm chain and configure your emergency call bracelet. For iOS and Android accessible.

A 24/7 emergency call center can be activated

1. Reliable emergency call functions:
The SeniorTel emergency call bracelet is equipped with an easy-to-reach SOS button that can be configured for three predefined phone numbers. This provides an easy way to call for help in emergencies.

2. User-friendly operation: It is operated using clearly visible and tactile buttons without having to rely on a display. A multicolored LED signals the current status of the device.

3. Clear Phone Function: With a separate button for the phone function, the bracelet allows for effortless calls. The stored phone number can be dialed directly, and the excellent hands-free quality guarantees clear communication.

4. Precise location function: The location function using GPS, WIFI and 4G mobile network provides precise and reliable location information. Despite being constantly connected to the server, the bracelet remains energy efficient.

5. Long Lasting Battery Life: The powerful battery allows for two to three days of use, depending on usage and location. Charging is carried out conveniently using the magnetic charging station or the magnetic charging cable.

6. Waterproof and Robust: The IP67 waterproof construction protects the bracelet from external influences. The robust housing and the easy-to-clean silicone strap make it a long-lasting and easy-care everyday companion.

The functions of the SeniorTel emergency call bracelet are controlled via app programmed.

Voluntary alarm / SOS emergency call button

The app's SOS button is used immediately to trigger an alarm from the user. You can SMS- Notifications or telephone connections with chosenand Telefonnumset. You can up to three Telephone numbers for the SOS-Set an alarm (can be phone numbers for calls and SMS).

Independent alarms via call button

Storm alarm: The emergency call bracelet automatically detects a fall and informs the stored telephone numbers accordingly.
If that
Device detects a fall, there must be an impact or abrupt stopping occurs, then an alarm is triggered triggered, which leads to an SMS- Notification and a voice call is sent. If the Alarm is triggered accidentally, consists the possibility of activating the alarm by pressing to cancel using the call button.


Location via GPS outside one house or apartment.
Location via WiFi within a house or apartment.

Additional functions:

• Heart rate monitoring
• Stepcounter
• Reminder to take medication

scope of delivery

  • SeniorTel emergency call bracelet

  • Power supply, magnet charging cable, operation manual

    Optional on request:

  • 24/7 alarm monitoring

  •  Multinetz/M2M Sim card cover you  multiple mobile networks

technical features

Dimensions: 241mm x 40.5mm 18.8mm Weight: 52g
Material: PC+ABS+Silicon Operationssystem: RT System Batter
ie capacity: Class A 700mAh LiPo Network: 4G/2G
Screen: no screen
Taste: Power/SOS Taste
SIM Card: Nano SIM-Karte
They are frequent
zbands: 4G-FDD: Band 1/2/3/5/7/8/20
4G-TDD: Band 38/39/40/41
2G-GSM: Band 2/3/5/8
Location: GPS+LBS+Wifi hotspots
Speicher: 64MB+128MB
Operating time: 4-5 days
Waterproofing: IP67
Color: Black
GPS position accuracy: less than 5 meters

operation manual

Product data sheet