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Senior Tel 2 / Senior Tel 2 Plus (GPS)

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Senior-Tel 2 with temperature sensor (ST 102-1) - Telephone for seniors

3-button device including smartwatch, intended for the following groups of people:

  • Seniors
  • People with disabilities
  • Patients - people who are exposed to hazards

    Easy direct phone connection at the push of a button

    The Senior-Tel 2 enables people with significant age restrictions or restrictions due to a disability to communicate with relatives or carers at the touch of a button. Under each of the three buttons you can program a telephone number each time, to which the user can call directly by pressing a button.

    Whether you need to quickly contact someone in a difficult situation or just want to call someone, Senior Tel 2 makes the connection easy.

    Automatic answering of calls

    If the user cannot answer the call himself, the device will automatically answer the incoming call after two rings.

    Measurement of body temperature

    The user wears a watch on his wrist that measures body temperature. You can set a threshold temperature (e.g. 38 degrees C). If the threshold temperature is exceeded, the device sends an SMS alarm to the stored phone number. In addition, the caregiver has the opportunity to check the current body temperature via SMS - in response to this, he will receive an SMS with the current body temperature.


    • Possibility of programming up to 3 different phone numbers
    • Quickly dial a phone number with the press of a button
    • Standalone or auto-answer calls in speakerphone mode
    • Wireless or inductive charging of the device
    • Instant body temperature, blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep tracking and pedometer

    Variant Senior Tel 2 Plus with GPS (ST 102-2)

    The Senior Tel 2 Plus also has a GPS module for outdoor location. The wearer of the device can be located at any time when working in the garden or walking via GPS MAP.

    The phone does not have SIM LOCK - works on any GSM network.

    Price overview:

    Senior Tel 2 (€202 incl. VAT):

    User Guide (4.15)

    Senior Tel 2 Plus with GPS (€216 incl. VAT):

    User Guide (4.16)

    Technical specifications :

    Telephone Senior Tel 2:

    • Temperature range: working range from –10°C to +55°C
    • Storage range: at least –25°C to +80°C
    • Weight: 92g (with integrated battery)
    • Dimensions: 116 mm x 42 mm x 21 mm (LxWxH) Operating voltage: 3.3 volts to 4.2 volts (nominal 3.6 volts)
    • Standby time: min. 72 hours
    • Talk time: up to 160 min. NOTE: The standby and talk times depend on the local reception situation of the Senior – Tel II
    • Battery: 1050 mAh
    • Charging time: 45 mins
    • Frequency bands: EGSM900 (880 to 960 MHz) DCS1800 (1710 to 1880 MHz) GSM classes: Class 4 (2Watt) for EGSM900 Class 1 (1Watt) for DCS1800


    The clock:

    • Chipset: nRF52832
    • Display 1.3"TFT colour screen
    • Image resolution: 240*240dpi
    • Protection class: IP67
    • Armbandmaterial: TPU
    • Accelerometer KX023-1025
    • Temperature sensor CT1711
    • Heart rate chip: HX3300
    • Battery: 240mAh
    • Working time: 5-7 days
    • Bluetooth: 5.0
    • Operating temperature: -10°C-50°C


    Included :

    • Senior Phone-Tel
    • clock
    • Wireless inductive charging station with cable and micro USB connector
    • 230 volt dual charger with two USB outputs for charging the Senior Tel device and the watch
    • operation manual