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Life Tel 2 - Personal emergency call system for working alone (with GPS)

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For more than 10 years, MOBI-CLICK has been a renowned manufacturer of innovative, certified and reliable personal emergency signal devices, which makes us one of the market leaders in the field of emergency signal technology. The safety of lone workers, i.e. people who are out of call and sight, is due
Carrying out work for other people is the focus for us, because there are lone workers in every industry.


The mobile personal emergency signal device Life-Tel 2 (-M) * has been specially developed for securing lone workers who work at individual workstations, on extensive outdoor facilities and in danger areas.


The Life-Tel 2-M offers extensive alarm functions which can be combined as required. In the factory state, the device meets all the requirements of the German statutory accident insurance, DGUV 112-139 for short (formerly BGR 139). According to the regulations of the employers' liability insurance association, entrepreneurs are obliged to protect lone workers with personal emergency signal devices so that relief measures can be initiated immediately in an emergency.


With the help of the built-in sensors, the Life Tel 2-M detects the movement profile of the accident victim, so that in the event of an emergency, an emergency signal including an emergency call is automatically triggered to the connected control center, even if the wearer is no longer conscious (dead man's switch). This immediately starts the rescue chain so that the casualty can be found immediately with all the information transmitted (e.g. GPS coordinates) when every second counts.
Note: If the individual workstation is affected by ambient noise, we recommend the M version, with an integrated vibration motor

Unfortunately, working alone is not uncommon. In industry as well as in municipal and municipal utilities, thanks to extensive automation, entire night, Sunday and holiday shifts are run with minimal staffing. And it is to be expected that the number of lone workers will continue to rise. Occupational health and safety must therefore adapt to these partly completely new conditions in order to ensure the level of protection for lone workers.

Information on the most important alarm types and their functions

Position alarm

The Life-Tel monitors the position of the device using a position sensor. If the person wearing the Life-Tel deviates from the preset position by more than 45 degrees over a defined period of time, the Life-Tel triggers a pre-alarm. If the person does not return to the set angle range within the duration of the pre-alarm (e.g. due to fainting), the Life-Tel 2 triggers the alarm and notifies the preset phone numbers via SMS and / or phone call.

No-movement alarm / dead man's switch

When there is a no-stop alarm, the Life-Tel monitors whether the user is moving. If it does not detect any movement after a self-defined period of time because the person is unable to act, the device triggers a pre-alarm. This is indicated optically and acoustically. If the person does not move again within the duration of the pre-alarm, the Life-Tel 2 triggers the alarm and notifies the preset phone numbers via SMS and / or phone call.

Time alarm

In the event of a time alarm, the Life-Tel reports optically at defined times or intervals by flashing the large buttons and an acoustic signal. By pressing any button, the user acknowledges the message and signals that everything is OK. If there is no confirmation, the Life-Tel triggers the alarm and notifies the preset phone numbers via SMS and / or phone call.

Escape alarm

With this alarm, the Life-Tel reacts to hectic movements such as those that occur during an escape. After the pre-alarm, the Life-Tel triggers the alarm and notifies the preset phone numbers via SMS and / or phone call.

Fall alarm

Alternative to the escape alarm - if an escape alarm is not expected at work and the risk of falling is significantly high, the alarm in the event of a fall serves as an alternative.

Loss alert

If the device is lost or removed from the arm holder, the Life-Tel also triggers an alarm and notifies the preset phone numbers via SMS and / or phone call.

Technical alarm

The Life-Tel is equipped with several technical alarm functions to monitor functionality and readiness for use. The battery capacity, the GSM reception, the GPS reception and the functionality of the sensors are checked. If a limit is not reached or a sensor malfunction is triggered, a technical alarm is triggered and the Life-Tel notifies the preset phone numbers via SMS and / or phone call.


GPS location determination

The Life-Tel 2 is equipped with a GPS receiver that enables the GPS coordinates to be queried at any time. In the event of an alarm, the available GPS coordinates are always sent in the alarm SMS. To manually locate the person, enter the coordinates into one of the many online services or a suitable program. To save power, GPS query intervals can be set up and changed.

GPS zone alarm

If the user does not want to leave a certain area, the GPS zone alarm enables appropriate monitoring. To do this, set up a GPS zone by entering GPS coordinates. Every time the user leaves and enters the zone, the Life-Tel 2 sends an alarm message via SMS.

scope of delivery

  • Personal emergency signal device Life-Tel 2 (PNG-11)
  • Upper arm pocket (if desired a belt pocket instead of the arm pocket) 
  • Charging station
  • Power supply


Recommended by professional associations and the DGUV.

Personal emergency signal systems, which are built and parameterized according to the product standard VDE V 0825-1, are suitable to be used for personal emergency signaling during dangerous solo work in accordance with DGUV regulation 112-139 (ex BGR / GUV-R 139).